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ॐ  Here you will find everything that you need in one place to explore and travel the path of Bhakti Yoga, especially the spiritual practice of kirtan.

ॐ We want to help you in your quest for a connection to the divine source.  Please take your time and look around.  We will keep the site updated with information and resources that we feel are valuable to the community. Search for resources using the search tool in the upper right hand corner. You will find here lots of posts with links to live kirtan events, YouTube videos of live kirtans, kirtan music that is suitable for yoga classes and even song sheets containing the lyrics to many kirtan chants.

ॐ We have lots of information on new and up and coming kirtan artists, as well as the more well known and established artists such as Jai Uttal and Krishna Das and Snatam Kaur.  The universe of kirtan and bhakti yoga is constantly growing and expanding.

ॐ  “Bhakti” is Sanskrit word that means emotional and spiritual devotion. “Rasa” is a word used in North Indian Classical music to describe the emotion or mood that is evoked by a melody. “Kirtan” is an ancient spiritual practice of repeatedly chanting ancient mantras in order to achieve a state of bliss. “Bhakti Rasa Kirtan” therefore is the practice of chanting and singing mantras for the purpose of evoking bliss.

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